The gardeners for propagation of hazelnut usually use the vegetative method, that is, by layering or by dividing the Bush.
1) propagation of hazelnut cuttings in the spring near the parent Bush dig the groove. Annual or two-year escape drop to the ground, notched on the lower side of the escape of the bark for best rooting. Sprinkle the groove down in her escape the land with compost, leaving the shoot apex with 3-4 buds. In the autumn, in November, transplant the shoots with roots in a permanent place. The first fruits in this case will appear in the sixth year.
2) For the propagation of hazelnut by dividing the Bush, dig a hive, divide it into several parts and transplant to a permanent place. With this method of propagation the plant will fruit in the third or fourth year.
During the multiplication of seeds young plant does not retain all properties of the parent shrub, so gardening this method of propagation is rarely used. If you still want to plant a nut of a filbert, it is necessary to choose large fruit and keep to Nov in a cool dry place. In November put the nuts river sand and leave until spring in a cool place, periodically moistening.
Another way is to plant the seeds soon after ripening, and before the frosts to proporcionate the bed a layer of 10 cm.
If you buy seedlings of hazelnut, it is difficult to distinguish them from the wild hazel. In this case, give preference to seedlings with purple colored leaves, as wild varieties with this coloration there. To buy cuttings, not grown from seed, seedlings, look at the root: cuttings it is fibrous, and the plants grown from the seed rod. In addition, seedlings-cuttings always twice as expensive.
Hazelnuts like irrigation, especially during fruit ripening, as its roots are close to the surface. The rest of the care for hazelnuts is simple. For soils, it is light-weight, but on the fertilized soil gives a higher yield.
Plant in two to three years after planting should begin to form, cutting off weak branches and leaving ten to twelve strong shoots, located as far as possible from each other.