You will need
  • Components for children's playgrounds
  • Carpentry tools
  • Sand, gravel, granite chips
Select pad area. If you are going to equip the Playground in the courtyard of an apartment townhouse, please contact your nearest housing office. You may need the consent of the other tenants and the agreement with the municipality.
Decide which objects should be mandatory. For young children the necessary sandbox, a bench nearby, a swing and a ladder or vine. The sand pit and bench will appeal to both older kids, like a swing. The ladder they need more solid, and slides, they also will not give up. Mark the territory with consideration of safety zones and lanes for takeoff.
Make a sandbox. Remove the top layer of soil to a depth of about 20 cm In the centre dig a small hole to a depth of 75-80 cm and fill it with gravel. This is done in order to keep the sand dry quickly after rain. Fill the bottom of the sandbox with a layer of gravel. In this case the edges of the layer should be thicker than in the middle. It is better to make a small bias. Wall sandbox and bring or order river sand. It is usually carry utilities that serve children's playgrounds in the city.
Make the swing. They can be different. In DIY stores you can find a lot of components, but you can do everything yourself. You will need two racks with a length of about 3 m and a diameter of 15 cm, cross bar, rope or chain, 2 large hook and plank for a seat. Kopite stand. It must be done thoroughly and carefully, after all, their strength depends largely on the safety of your children. The tie bar stress of steel strip and attach to the posts with spikes. At an equal distance from the center of the crossmember attach the two hooks, on which hung the rope or chain attached plate.
Check the slide. Preferably plastic, it is better to buy at the store. But if you have the desire and time, you can make a pile and with a thatched covering on old technology. The platform roll, the ladder and everything else you can do for yourself. It is necessary that the slide was stable, and all the elements were securely fastened.
On a country Playground can be all sorts of rocking horses, chairs and more. For older kids, you can set the horizontal bars of different heights, rochadi, a climbing wall. You can build a plywood hut, a ship or vehicle for story games and even build the castle. It all depends on the size of the territory.
Don't forget to paint the equipment in bright, cheerful colors. The kids will create a positive mood, and the design – protects against rust or rot.
Than cover the area between the objects is up to you. It may be fine granite grit or coarse sand. You can sow the area with grass. Not recommended for gravel – it's little children find it difficult to walk.