Advice 1: How in Photoshop to insert a table

Graphic editor Adobe Photoshop designed to work with the image, but using it designers often have to deal with text elements. For example, sometimes the picture should be a table with any data. Creating and filling this element in the graphical editor, the process is time consuming. Much more productive using Photoshop in conjunction with the table editor Microsoft Office Excel.
How in Photoshop to insert a table
You will need
  • Graphic editor Adobe Photoshop, spreadsheet editor of Microsoft Office Excel.
Prepare to Excel tablethat you want to put on the edited Photoshop image. To do this, run the application and complete the data the desired number of cells is automatically created by the program sheet. In the first stage, no need to care about his appearance, but only on the content. Don't forget about the possibility to merge cells in Excel - this allows you to create complex structures in columns and rows.
Use sorting and conditional formatting the table editor to specify the correct sequence of rows of data. In addition, conditional formatting can be applied to graphic design - this tool allows you to change the background, font, borders, cell in accordance with the data that they contain. For example, you can colorize the cells in the ascending values of the color transition from red to green, to highlight the minimum and maximum values, etc. Button with a dropdown list that contains conditional formatting options that are placed in the command group Styles on the Home tab of the table editor.
When you are finished with filling the tables, pick the frame color, background, text, and other design elements. Select one of the available design options - a list of them reveals you click on "cell Styles" command group "the Styles" on the Home tab. If everyone posted there options don't work for you, highlight the entire table, click selection, right-click and select the context menu "Format cells". In the window that opens on the tab "Font", "Border" and "Fill" placed design tools with which you need to give the desired look to the table.
Place the created table to clipboard. To do this, place the cursor in the rightmost bottom cell (Ctrl+End) to select all filled cells (Ctrl+Shift+Home) and copy them (Ctrl+C).
Switch to the graphic editor and select layers one above which you want to place the table. Then paste the contents of the clipboard - press Ctrl+V. Photoshop will add the copied table in the center of the image by creating a separate layer. After that you can start positioning and processing of the pasted table.

Advice 2: How to insert background in photoshop

The ability to substitute any background to the photo will give you a rare opportunity to see yourself, your friends and other people anywhere: at the beach, at the Eiffel tower, in the rainforest or in the far North.
To replace the background in your photo is not difficult. If you learn this, you will see a lot of potential for creativity.
How to insert background in photoshop
You will need
  • Adobe Photoshop
Open in Photoshop the two images — the photo, which you will change the background and the next background.
The next step towards change is the separation of the desired shape from the background of photos. Gently cut out your image using the Rectangular Lasso Tool, Pen Tool or quick mask. The Pen Tool is recommended as very convenient and easy way to highlight the image. If you accidentally put a new point on the wrong place, just press Backspace — this will correct the error. In addition, the pen tool involves the creation of vector arcs, which more clearly highlight your image. Creating the selection, click the right mouse button and copy it to a new layer with the smoothing parameter and without shading.
Then take the move tool and drag the object to the window, open the new background.
This photo montage can be completed, but often your pictures and the new background image can greatly vary the color settings and brightness, therefore, in addition to adjust these settings to make the image look realistic and beautiful.
Open Levels and adjust the levels of your pictures to a state close to the range the main background. Do the same in Hue\Saturation. In addition, you can edit the color range in the Color Balance and try different variations of layer blending to Soft Light, Hard Light, Multiply, and others. Advanced retouch the photograph, smoothen the bumps with the Clone Stamp and Gaussian Blur filter if necessary. Now your collage is ready.
Open the picture in photoshop, duplicate the background layer (drag it into the layers panel to the new layer icon) and make the source code invisible. Mild cases, when the masks are generated very quickly (on the face of the sky background) and less. In cases where I have specified the chaotic sequence, it is possible to use any tools just to achieve the goal.
Useful advice
How to change background in photoshop? Photographed himself against the walls in the room, and I would like on a Sunny beach or on the moon? Step 3. If you accidentally put a point in the wrong direction, hit Backspace, then click on the last point of the set where necessary, and then continue to click as usual. You can also click on the unwanted point, right click and select “Delete anchor point”.

Advice 3: How to insert image in html table

The html language is not perfect and has some significant drawbacks. To assign a picture to a specific place on the page, it is better to insert it in the table. In this case, the image is considered as background and on top of it you can put text.
How to insert image in html table
You first need to create the table if it does not. This is the attribute of <body>. For this purpose, a tag (end tag required):
• <table> - table;
• <tr> - string;
• <td> the column.

The main extra attributes:
• Border – border;
• Align – horizontal alignment;
• Valign – vertical alignment;
• Bordercolor – the border color;
• Width – width;
• Height – the height.

The syntax of the 2X2 table with no border and a left/right alignment of the content:
<table border= "0">
<tr align="left">
<td>the Contents of the 1st cell</td>
<td> Content of the 2nd cell </td> </tr>
<tr align="right">
<td> the Contents of the 3rd cell </td>
<td> the Contents of the 4th cell </td> </tr>
The picture you need to register after the <td> tag. If you insert the image in the first cell of the table presented above, we get:
<table border= "0">
<tr align="left">
<td><img src="address of image format gif, png, jpeg"></td>
<td> Content of the 2nd cell </td> </tr>
<tr align="right">
<td> the Contents of the 3rd cell </td>
<td> the Contents of the 4th cell </td> </tr>

Additional attributes:
• Width – width;
• Height – height;
• Alt - alternative text to be displayed to a user if he disabled the feature of viewing images;
• Align – horizontal alignment;
• Valign – vertical alignment;
• Title – the caption of the image.
The image can be used as a reference. For this purpose it is sufficient to vest in the relevant tag: <a href="page that navigates"><img src="file name.png"></a>
In the context of the table it will look like this:
<table border= "0">
<tr align="left">
<td><a href="stranitsa.html"><img src="kartinka.png"></a></td>
<td> Content of the 2nd cell </td> </tr>
<tr align="right">
<td> the Contents of the 3rd cell </td>
<td> the Contents of the 4th cell </td> </tr>
Дополнительные возможности изображений.

1. Смена картинки на цвет при наведении на нее мышью и после смены местоположения курсора:
onMouseOver="'#номер цвета'" onMouseOut="'#номер цвета'"

2. Смена картинки на другое изображение при наведении мышью:
onmouseover="this.src='images/1.gif'" onmouseout="this.src='images/2.gif'"

3. Вставка вращающейся карусели из картинок в ячейку таблицы (значения можно менять):

<td align="left">
<BODY onload="Carousel()" background=>
<script type="text/javascript">
// 7 variables to control behavior
var Car_Image_Width=100;
var Car_Image_Height=100;
var Car_Border=true; // true or false
var Car_Border_Color="000000"; Border="0"
var Car_Speed=5;
var Car_Direction=true; // true or false
var Car_NoOfSides=6; // must be 4, 6, 8 or 12

/* array to specify images and optional links.
For 4 sided carousel specify at least 2 images
For 6 sided carousel specify at least 3
For 8 sided carousel specify at least 4
For 12 sided carousel specify at least 6
If Link is not needed keep it ""
Car_Image_Sources=new Array(

// NOTE No comma after last line

/***************** DO NOT EDIT BELOW **********************************/
CW_I=new Array(Car_NoOfSides/2+1);C_ClcW=new Array(Car_NoOfSides/2);
C_Coef=new Array(
3*Math.PI/2,0,3*Math.PI/2,11*Math.PI/6,Math.PI/6,3*Math.PI/2,7*Math.PI/4, 0,
var C_CoefOf=Car_NoOfSides==4?0:Car_NoOfSides==6?2:Car_NoOfSides==8?5:9;
C_Pre_Img=new Array(Car_Image_Sources.length);
var C_Angle=Car_Direction?Math.PI/(Car_NoOfSides/2):0,C_CrImg=Car_NoOfSides,C_MaxW,C_TotalW,

function Carousel(){
C_Pre_Img[i]=new Image();C_Pre_Img[i].src=Car_Image_Sources[i]}

function CarImages(){
else{ for(i=C_HalfNo;i>0;i--)CW_I[i]=CW_I[i-1];

function C_LdLnk(){if(this.lnk)window.location.href=this.lnk}
function C_Stp(){"pointer":"default";C_Stppd=true;}
function C_Rstrt(){C_Stppd=false}
</script><div id="Carousel" style="position:relative; width:130; height:21">

This is a lesson on how to insert a picture in HTML how to make how to make a flow of images with text, etc. it is known that images make the site more attractive and different from other resources, so the ability to use the tag "IMG" and its attributes are very useful in today's Internet. But, the main thing — sense of proportion! An overabundance of graphics will cause the weighting of the html page and hence increase the load time.
Useful advice
If the area is not match the actual size of the image you want to insert, then the picture will be stretched or narrowed to a specified in the html Img tag size. However, you should not use this method, for example, to reduce the size of inserted in the Html document pattern. It is better to resize the images in a graphic editor and then embed images in a Html document using a Html code editor.

Advice 4: How in Photoshop to create the table

Creating tables is much easier with the help of the programs from the MS Office package – Excel and Word. From Adobe Photoshop and other goals and objects of the processing. But, if you try, you can draw the table and its tools.
How in Photoshop to create the table
In the File menu (File) select the New command ("Create") to create a new document. Now add a new layer, which will draw the table. Click on the layers panel to the Create a new layer button (the"Create new layer") or use the hotkeys Shift+Ctrl+N. On the color palette, pick the perfect shade and fill a new layer – this will be the background color of your table.
On the toolbar, select the Rectangle Tool (Rectangle) from the group of tools U. With it, create a cell of your table. To the cell turned out square, draw it while holding the Shift key. If you want all the cells in the matrix were the same, hold Alt+Ctrl and mouse drag the finished cell to a new location – in this case you will get its duplicate.
To simply move to the cell on the screen, move it while holding Ctrl. For precise positioning, hold down Ctrl and use the arrow keys "Up", "Down", "Left", "Right".
When all the cells are arranged in the desired order, select tool the Direct Selection Tool ("Management allocation"), right-click on the control knots of the last cell and select the Delete Anchor Point ("Delete anchor point"). If required, return to the side of the cell.
Note on the toolbar of the Brush Tool (Brush) and in the properties panel, set its diameter – it will fit the width of table borders. The foreground color defines the border color. Again, select the Rectangle Tool and right click on the table to invoke the context menu. Select Stroke Path ("Stroke").
Group tools U have another tool with which to draw the table. Select the Line Tool (Line) and draw a table with the desired number of columns and rows. To get a smooth, lead them, hold down the Shift key. When the table layout is ready, open the context menu right click the mouse and choose the option Stroke Path. Parameters of the brush, of course, you need to install in advance.
Is the advice useful?