You will need
  • Graphic editor Adobe Photoshop, spreadsheet editor of Microsoft Office Excel.
Prepare to Excel tablethat you want to put on the edited Photoshop image. To do this, run the application and complete the data the desired number of cells is automatically created by the program sheet. In the first stage, no need to care about his appearance, but only on the content. Don't forget about the possibility to merge cells in Excel - this allows you to create complex structures in columns and rows.
Use sorting and conditional formatting the table editor to specify the correct sequence of rows of data. In addition, conditional formatting can be applied to graphic design - this tool allows you to change the background, font, borders, cell in accordance with the data that they contain. For example, you can colorize the cells in the ascending values of the color transition from red to green, to highlight the minimum and maximum values, etc. Button with a dropdown list that contains conditional formatting options that are placed in the command group Styles on the Home tab of the table editor.
When you are finished with filling the tables, pick the frame color, background, text, and other design elements. Select one of the available design options - a list of them reveals you click on "cell Styles" command group "the Styles" on the Home tab. If everyone posted there options don't work for you, highlight the entire table, click selection, right-click and select the context menu "Format cells". In the window that opens on the tab "Font", "Border" and "Fill" placed design tools with which you need to give the desired look to the table.
Place the created table to clipboard. To do this, place the cursor in the rightmost bottom cell (Ctrl+End) to select all filled cells (Ctrl+Shift+Home) and copy them (Ctrl+C).
Switch to the graphic editor and select layers one above which you want to place the table. Then paste the contents of the clipboard - press Ctrl+V. Photoshop will add the copied table in the center of the image by creating a separate layer. After that you can start positioning and processing of the pasted table.