Unroll the crepe paper, cut into identical sheets and put them in a pile. Put each other as more layers of paper to make the POM-POM was more luxuriant. The width of the paper try to trim one to fit the desired diameter of the pompon.
The entire stack of paper gently folded like an accordion, making narrow bends. Fully narrow folded like an accordion the entire stack, mark the middle and tie it in place with a durable thread or fishing line. Now take the scissors and figuratively, trim the edges bunching left and right.
The form of the crop pick up at will – you can make the edges sharp, curved, zigzag, and so on. Form the edges of the accordion will affect the future shape and look of your pompom.
The associated spread in the middle of an accordion, gently spreading each sheet of paper. Shake the pompom and hang it on a string or fishing line coming from its center.
Also this thread can hold a POM-POM, make it a loop. POM-poms can be attached to clothing and can be kept in the hands while dancing and stunts, participating in the formulation of the group's fans.
Be creative, combine different colors of paper in one hand and change their size and shape edges, and they make great decorations for any cheerleading team, making her performance more impressive, brighter and more vivid, and creating serious competition for the teams-rivals.