You will need
  • - yarn POM-poms;
  • - the spokes;
  • hook;
  • - glue or a match.
Before you begin knitting yarn with POM-POM, attach the end of the thread to not pusilla. To do this, dip it in glue, burn me with a match or just tie a knot in it.
If you knit with needles draw loops of the bridges between POM-poms. Just make sure you have the jumpers from the loop and wear on the needle. To knit scarf enough 8-9 loops.
Turn the needle and provarite edge loop (in this case, one of the POM-POM will fall vertically). Then promazyvaya loop conventional front hinges. Next row knit front to get a smooth canvas. POM-poms straighten your constantly on the same side. So you knit all the fabric.
To obtain three-dimensional fabric made of yarn with POM-POM, constantly knit facial loops and straighten your POM-poms on the front side, on the wrong.
At the end of the product can make the fringe. For this, picking up loops, appetite not every jumper, and flowing the two. The first row is already knit as usual, promazyvaya each thread between the pompons. Finishing the knitting, knit the last row as well, missing two jumpers (or three POM-POM).
To the canvas turned out not so loose and soft, each interval between the POM-POM promazyvaya at two loops. In this case, the product will be malleable, but more dense.
Yarn with POM-POM you can add to the product, crochet. Knit cloth in the usual columns with SC thread in the matching colour. Every sixth column promazyvaya as follows: yo, elongated chain of the previous row loop, promazyvanie "pompon" yarn. Don't forget to straighten out the POM-poms on one side of the product. The product will be very warm and will keep good form.