It is very important to choose the right color of grout. Therefore, this step need to be taken seriously. Choices colorand grout , there are several. According to the classic technology, it is selected by the darkest shade of the laid tiles. This is true for tiles dark tones. In the case of the light tile grout is selected for the lightest tone. White or devilcolorNaya grout is ideal.
The color of the grout you can also choose on the basis of their considerations and preferences. It can blend in with the colors ofom tiles or, conversely, contrast. If the tiles are laid on the floor, it is best to choose a grout in a tone or one tone darker. For wall tiles, choose a grout in the same tone or one shade lighter. Difficult to determine colorohms grout for mosaic. First, try to wipe the mosaic sheet raznoshennoy grout, to understand how it can change the overall tone of the composition.
A few words about the quality of the product. The most durable grout made of epoxy resin, thanks to which they do not absorb moisture. This means that the fungus you are not afraid. Also, epoxy grout is not afraid of household cleaners, while maintaining its original color for a long time (50 years).
Grout, made with the addition of the latex is also comfortable to use. Although for best effect you have to additionally apply a layer of moistureproof varnish, designed for use with grout. Causing the lacquer, you get almost does not absorb and permanently retain their color coating.
Conventional grout are, of course, cheaper than the rest, but well absorb moisture, which ultimately can lead to a blurring of the grout layer. And color your they keep for a while.