What is saline?

Saline – analogue of multiple medications for clearing the sinus in babies, but only in a more accessible option. This is the same salt water solution. Sometimes the application even allows the use of vasoconstrictor drugs. Enough to clean the nose with saline 3 times a day, and the baby breathes freely!

Saline is 0.9% sodium chloride solution. Do not try make it yourself at home. You will not be able to follow the correct proportion and sterility.

The independent use of saline is not advisable without doctor's recommendation. Consult your pediatrician and only then go to the pharmacy.

How to wash the nose baby-baby

Kids infants can not breathe through the mouth, so when the nose is stuffed up, they not only begin to choke, but still can't eat: to suck the breast or bottle. And very young children hunger causes physical discomfort and even pain. Therefore, it is rather important to help your child start the day breathing freely.

So, to clear the nose with saline, you will need the usual rubber bulb small size, syringe without needle, saline and cotton buds.

But don't forget to consult with your pediatrician! Because only he will be able to tell whether the kid has lavage, or simply delete the crust and drip nose with saline, not to torment the baby.

The process of washing

Lay the baby on the flank and make sure that your baby is relatively quiet. Then gently, without damaging the inner walls of the spout, remove the crusts with cotton swabs and aspirate pear snot. Then dial the saline syringe, 5 ml and insert it into one nostril. Then flip the kid on the other side and enter the solution into the other nostril.

Make sure that the baby drowned, and the procedure gave him too severe discomfort. If the baby starts to cough, immediately roll him on his stomach and lightly tap her on the back.

After the introduction of the saline with a syringe, and again aspirate the contents of the pear softened. After the nose is fully cleared, can moisturize it from the inside some drops or oil.

The important thing to observe in the process of rinsing the nose with saline solution - peace of mind and confidence in their actions. Don't panic if suddenly something did not, reassure your baby and try again. It's your child, you are responsible for it, and better than you no one could help him.