Built-in browser protection against advertising include pop-up blocker. The behaviors of the Opera when trying the web page to open this window, you can specify the preferences panel of the browser - open it with Ctrl + F12 or by selecting "General settings" in the "Settings" menu. This command causes the settings panel of the browser with active "General" tab in the middle section which, under "Specify how to handle pop-UPS" placed the desired drop-down list. Select one of the four options and press the OK button.
Opera provides a simplified version of the choice of blocking pop-UPS. Press hot keys Ctrl + F12 in the pop - context menu, select one of the four top lines, they duplicate the items from the flowing list, as described in the previous step.
Your browser settings allow you to disable the processing of JavaScript and Java-scripts that are often used for output to a page advertising items. To navigate to these settings, press Ctrl + F12, select the tab "Advanced" in the left column click on the words "Contents". To disable JavaScript-script to remove the checkmark in the box which is marked "Enable JavaScript". The Java process off by removing the mark in the "Enable plugins". To commit the changes, click OK.
To block ads you can use and additional modules installed in the browser plugins. If you decide to use this method in the previous step, do not remove the second label (in the box to "Enable plug-ins"). The list of available plug-ins posted on their Opera - open in browser menu section "Extensions" and select "Select extensions" to go to the corresponding page. In the section "Tools" directory of the plugin pick the most suitable - for example, it may be AdBlocker, a link to an information page which is given below. Download and install the extension by pressing the big green button "add to Opera".