In order to associate the spokes by plaid, first you need to decide how you are going to do. Then you need to choose wool and needles to them. For plaid better not to take the thick spokes, so it was not too delicate.
Then you need to choose the method of knitting the blanket. If plaid will be small, baby, you can tie the whole blanket. If the problem is the disposal of residues of the threads, it is best to associate a blanket of colored squares in the technique of "patchwork". If the plaid is planned great and classic, you can knit it in long strips.
After you have determined how binding need to choose a pattern. It is better not to knit a blanket crochet pattern in order to avoid stretching and twisting of the large canvas. Once the pattern is chosen, you need to associate the sample for counting loops. It should be a square with sides not less than 10 cm After vyvazhivanie it is necessary to calculate the loop and calculate the number of stacked loops.
Once the thread is selected, the spokes chosen, the loop is designed according to the pattern you can begin to knit. Once the blanket is completed, it must be washed in warm water and dry on a horizontal surface.