According to Article 61 of the Housing Code each family member of full age has the right to require conclusion of a separate tenancy agreement in accordance with the proportion to which he aspires. It is possible to make with the written consent of all other adult family members. But the proportion of housing must be at least 1 isolated living room in this apartment.
If the decision on the division unanimously voted by all the tenants, then they all together go to the GEN and fill out an application stating the reasons for the reissuing of the personal account. The reason could be divorce, death of a responsible tenant or disposed of from the apartment and so on. You should have a copy of the personal account, the housing plan (description of the apartment from the Agency for state registration and land cadastre) and the document confirming the reason for the separation of accounts (certificate of dissolution of marriage, about death, about the provision of a separate apartment main employer, etc.). Within 1 week contracts and a separate account for each contract will be ready.
Without the knowledge and consent of all adult family members of tenant's personal account cannot be split. What to do in this case? If there is a conflict of interest, you must file the claim with the requirement to give the claimant the opportunity to enter into a separate contract of employment and to create a separate personal account. In the lawsuit it is necessary to refer all the article 61 of the LC RF. The requirement will be satisfied if the share of the plaintiff has isolated room. Attached to the claim receipt from the Bank confirming payment of registration fee, floor plan and copy of the account.