Memory is a set of processes for capturing, preservation and reproduction of information. To make the memory more effective, you should know and apply in learning patterns of development.
Reliable memorization is achieved by using the emotional component. For a long time we tend to remember those events and phenomena of life that affected our senses have left emotional response. So you should try to use when memorizing material images that carry emotional overtones.
Better to remember the material supplied in the form of vivid images, comparisons, and associations.
Tie retained material to the objectives of the activities. Rote learning should be replaced by the action of drawing, record keeping, manipulation of objects.
Improves the process of memorizing the training of conscious control. Part of the consciousness raising capability for arbitrary manipulation of the images, making the memory independent of random factors.
The order of presenting material for memorizing should be varied. This is achieved, for example, alternating memorize items. So, after literature, followed by science, then Russian language, etc. This principle should be used by students when doing homework.
Memory and different types of mental activity are closely linked. Under thinkingm refers to mental processes that establish substantial relationships between objects and phenomena of reality. Thinking is closely connected with speech function.
Despite the existence of individual peculiarities of thinking, there are common techniques for the development of this cognitive function. These techniques require a systematic implementation of the various tasks and exercises, a kind of "mental gymnastics".
So, children can recommend exercises on definition of terms, establishing similarities and differences between the concepts (e.g., "hard – worker"). It is useful to practice writing short stories or stories in Proverbs and sayings. Creation and solving of crossword puzzles also contributes to the development of mental activity.
Remember that developing abilities of memory and thinking, we are simultaneously improving all other cognitive processes, as well as speech and creative abilities.