You will need
  • supplies;
  • - computer hardware to check the results.
If you want to increase the speed of the brain, then be prepared to work hard. There are many exercises designed to be able to think faster, but not all of them are affordable for daily perform.
One of the simplest and most effective exercises is built on the principle of the survey. The interlocutor asks you a question, and you must quickly and clearly answer it. Then immediately followed by another question, then a third, etc. Issues can be quite different orientation. You can call the source country, and he will have to give you the capital.
This kind of workouts also increases the overall level of erudition. But with time you will know every country and capital and will begin to respond automatically. In this case more develops long-term memory, not the speed of the thinking process.
If you want to increase the speed of thinking, then you need to work with numbers. The evening record in a diary or on a piece examples of the following type: 145+98=...; 296+139+... etc.
In his free time, calculate the results in mind. Write them down in front of the examples. Then double-check yourself on the calculator.
When examples of addition will be given to you easily, and errors in the calculation will not be, begin to multiply. The multiplication table, one way or another, you know everything, so for training it is better to take a two-digit number. First, the calculation will produce a hard, but over time the speed of your thinking will grow and multiply in the same way will seem easy.
Of course, you can go through the examples with the division, but if the numbers come up randomly, then the probability of fractional answers. And this greatly complicates the whole process.
When will master calculations with different actions, you can begin to alternate them. In a single sheet of examples include examples alternately with multiplication, addition, subtraction. This is a very fruitful exercise for the brain. After all, being in the execution of the addition, the brain is forced to quickly switch to subtraction.
These exercises are very effective in enhancing the speed of thought and can be performed almost anywhere (at work during a break, in transport, etc.). Moreover, due to the records not only will you be able to track the time in which solve these tasks, but also the correctness of the answer.