Ordinary cramming take place in outer space – begin to memorize the poems, so the text is easier to read, then move on to prose. Memorize the lyrics consistently – spend a few hours memorizing a passage, then a couple of days do not repeat it. Take a break, start again to repeat the first text – you'll find that you perceive the information differently, finding in the lines a different meaning.
Repeat the text aloud

It is proved that when the text is accompanied by auditory perception, it is remembered better, so learning anything, always say the information out loud. It is desirable at this time to close your eyes so you can hear the words better.
Learn to focus

Write down on a piece of paper a short sentence and while reading, count how many letters "o" in it. Then turn around and try to say how much the offer letters. This technique trains the visual memory, which can be long-term.
Learn with the compilation of associations

If you do not remember the number, try each of them to map to any object, animal or person. Same thing to make with names – think, maybe, a man named Gennady tall and lean, his figure resembles the letter "g", etc. Exercise daily – specifically or randomly.
Describe the picture

Select multiple reproductions and describe one of them, adding each time new details and details. Gradually add the external distractions – noise, shouting, communicate with another person, etc.
Create mental images and visualization

Trying to remember something, try to create in memory a complete picture – it turns out that drawn on the cover of the book, which lies in the next room, representing a table on which it is located, with all the other items. Imagine how you enter the room, approach the table and take the book in hand.
Make a list of the necessary things

Change in the list of business places, ranking them in importance, route, or ease of action. Leaving the house, mentally pronounce all the items, simultaneously creating associations. Check the list when I get home.