Remember associative, not memorize from beginning to end. Memory training is better if you use this method, since in order to remember more activated parts of the brain (each responsible for a specific function and type of memory) and easy to remember the Association can help to remember more voluminous and important information.
Train your attention, drawing it to any detail in what is happening around. What mindfulness allows people more effectively "tell" the brain what to remember and what is "weed". Besides, a well-developed attention allows you to more quickly recall information.
Use all the memory types are available: visual, auditory and motor at the same time. A vivid example: in childhood many people are taught to memorize the multiplication table, saying it while writing it down, imagining the table in my head. This method will help to find out which types of memory you are running better than others, and continue to use it.
Try to lay out the information to remember "on the shelves": if you need to memorize the text, then "squeeze" it into the outline, memorize formulas, together with examples of solutions, etc. application Practice enables you to remember better than just memorizing, that's how human skills are formed throughout life. Well-structured data is stored much easier.
Repeat information you want to remember. If not helped or turned out to be difficult the previous methods, this method is the last one. "Cramming" allows you to memorize any information, everything will only depend on the amount of free time and amount of information. By the way, to train memory and this method really learns in such case, you can only memorize, and not information processing.