You will need
  • The door bars 50Х100Х5000, boards, lining boards, floor boards, roofing material, nails, foam sheets.
You first need to choose a place for the dugout and on it mark its outer perimeter. Corners were squared and the face smooth, the corners need to drive stakes and stretch a rope between them. Then remove the turf from the selected square or rectangle. Now you can start to dig to a depth of at least 1 m 70 cm you Can dig a hole with the excavator, but the floor and walls should be levelled with a shovel. Walls should have a slight negative slope. You also need to dig up the slopes to the entrance and the window, they need to be gentle.
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When the pit is ready, in the corners it is necessary to dig along the vertical timber to a depth of 50 cm from the Top rail should be flush with the floor. Since the wall was made with a negative angle between the beam and them stayed the distance. It is necessary to stud battens. Then attach door and window frames in the scheduled areas. The top boards need to put the roofing material, all voids covered with soil and well compacted.
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Now we have to take care of the roof. To do this, dig the bars in the middle of the front and rear walls, and in the middle of the room, half the distance between the walls. Bars should stick out of the ground to the desired height. They should be connected with each other in another horizontal bar – the ridge of the roof. Also need to fix the horizontal bars on the side walls of the dugout. Between the bars to do the joists, laying them on one end of the horizontal bars, fastened along the walls, and the other, a horizontal beam in the middle. This frame should be nailed paneling on it to put the roofing material. The top should be put on the roof removed the turf – it will give excellent insulation. Inside the ceiling can sheathe clapboard or plywood, not forgetting to lay a foam for heat between the outer and inner lining.
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Paul can be any. But to begin to lay the boards-joists. The joists should be using a framing hammer and a level to align the height, and then they nail another material, such as chipboard. Can be put on top of the carpet to make it warmer.
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