You will need
  • 1) Shovel
  • 2) Roulette
  • 3) Hacksaw
  • 4) Axe
  • 5) Hammer
  • 6) Nails
  • 7) building Material
You first need to find a place for your dugout and make measurements. When choosing where you need to consider the terrain. Try to arrange the future hut on an elevated location, at least, on the plain. If the hut will be in the ravine, or in the lowlands, it will inevitably be flooding during rains or melting snow. So please be careful. If you need a disguised dwelling, then choose the enclosed trees of the area. When building in the woods, the ideal option would be a small glade, enclosed on all sides by trees.
After choosing where to begin the layout. Based on the requirements, think through the size of the dugout. Mark out two rectangles: the outer rectangle is the border of your dug; inner will be 10-15 centimeters from the edges of the outer rectangle. This is the boundary of the interior trim of the dugout.
Start digging the pit. It is necessary to dig along the edge of the outer rectangle. But the boundary of the inner rectangle should not be lost. This is one of the time-consuming processes, therefore, it is desirable that the work was done by several people. The depth of the pits ranges from 1-1,5 meters depending on the soil. Choosing one of the short sides of the rectangle, dig a staircase that will serve as entrance. The entrance needs to go beyond the boundaries of the dugout.
Harvest or buy timber. You can use the trees. Beam length is 2.5 m and thickness of 15 cm To work, you need three such beams. Pour in and strengthen them in the middle of the dugout at equal from each other a distance. Distance is calculated based on the size of the dugout. Fasten them well to the timber in any case not staggered. He is the backbone of the roof and bearing walls, so take it to strengthen special attention.
After that, put another beam, whose length is slightly greater than the length of the dugout. He laid on top of the previously installed beams and reinforced at the top. After that, at a distance of 30 centimeters from the outer perimeter of the dugout stacked logs with a thickness of 10 centimeters and strengthen them on the ground. After that, the erected wall by nailing boards or logs to the upper bar, and a log lying on the ground.
This is followed by the strengthening of the Foundation dug, and then laid a layer of branches for the roof. If necessary, you can lay the roofing material. The internal borders of the rectangle you marked, fit clothing – a layer of twigs, which serve as insulation, and, in fact, is the internal walls of the dugout. Remains to disguise the dugout, to produce and to organize the life inside the building.