You will need
  • pot for milk fermentation
  • - colander
  • clean gauze
  • - kitchen film
  • the shape of the cheese
  • - milk - 1 - 3 liters
  • Sol
To make feta cheese at home, you will need milk. And since sheep's and goat's milk deficiency, it is possible to replace cow. The taste of this cheese is a little different from the present, a traditional Greek cheese.
The milk you pour in a pot or large bowl, cover with cheesecloth and leave in a warm kitchen for 12 - 16 hours. It should be slightly sour. A pot of milk to put in the not preheated oven, putting the temperature of 160-180 degrees. It is in any case should not boil. If it starts to bubble around the edges - you need to immediately slow down the fire.
Clean gauze to lay on the bottom of the colander. Obtained the cheese mass should be discard in a colander to cool. Cheese should not be touched, stirred, you should try to do to touch him as little as possible, so as not to crush it, not crumble. Leave it in colander for 15 minutes to let the whey drain.
After the whey has drained, need weight salt. In the form of cheese must be put to film. Cheese, salted one side, gently lay in shape, salted side down. Now you can salt the other side. Should then be compacted with a pestle. The cheese should not be void, it should look like a smooth layer. Under the press to put in any case not necessary. The serum separated in the process of compaction, pour is not necessary.

Cover the container with cheese clean gauze and leave to cool. The cooled cheese and put in the refrigerator on the bottom shelf, leave it at least 12 hours. Cheese is ready to eat.
Bon appetit!