You will need
  • Two-component silicone material
  • Container
  • Sculptural clay
  • Grease (not silicone)
The first step for creating forms – creating a container. It is made from any material rigid enough. It can be wooden dosochki, chipboard, plexiglass, or a ready-made box or container. The container should be free of cracks. Easy and quick to glue the container can be a hot gun. The container size is determined by the size of the model, with which it will form.
Then take a sculptural clay. A normal baby will not fit, because it is very sticky and it will be difficult to remove from the model. Evenly arrange so that it occupied half of the container.
Take the model and gently lay into the clay. The edges of the clay to make holes, to later form does not shift. Now you need to determine how much silicone you will need. To do this, pour into a container of water or sprinkle granular material, and then pour it in a container of labels.
Lubricate the model is fat or soapy lube, so you separate it from the silicone. Mix the silicone components of the molding material strictly according to the manufacturer's instructions carefully, not to get bubbles, and fill the container, starting from the edges. When the top part of the formthat you filled, cured, carefully remove the clay from the container.
Now in the container you have filled in half the silicone model. Repeat the fill, pre-lubricated and model, and the cured part shape. Wait until the form completely harden, remove the container. Form raskinetsya carefully, she extracted the model. Silicone mold is ready.