Advice 1: How to bake in silicone form

Silicone molds – an indispensable tool in the kitchen. It is easy to bake a variety of cupcakes, cook casseroles and other dishes. Unlike utensils made of metal or glass silicone mold can be used in oven, microwave oven and convection oven.
How to bake in silicone form
If the silicone form you use for the first time, wash it well with warm water with a mild detergent. Wipe dry and brush with vegetable oil. Further use of the forms, you can do without oil.
Place the mold on a baking sheet, circle the microwave or the grill aerogrill. Now fill it with dough or other products that you plan to bake.
Bake products in silicon form is recommended at a temperature of 200-230 degrees. The cooking time will be adjusted according to your chosen recipe.
Before you remove the finished casserole or muffin from the mold, let the dish cool slightly. Then carefully spoon or a wooden spatula fold the edge of the form and extract from it a cake or a casserole. In any case, it does not use a knife or fork – you can use them to damage the form.
Wash the form in warm water and store in the cupboard.
If you use silicone forms must be observed and precautions. In no case do not put the form on an open fire. You also cannot wash the silicone with a metal mesh tough scratching the surface of sponges. Do not cut the finished dish with a knife directly in the form.
It is believed that the silicone – environmentally friendly material. It does not emit harmful substances during use. However, getting silicone form, please note the following. This cookware is like any other made of environmentally friendly materials, can not be cheap. The silicone which can be used for food products, odorless. Choosing the color of the shape, prefer restrained colors, such as blue or gray. Too bright colors – a sign that in the manufacture of the forms used cheap paint and materials.
Ask the seller to show regulations for silicone molds. Make sure that the material from which made dishes, can be used for food products. Otherwise you risk to get a form of construction silicone, which in any case cannot be used in cooking.

Advice 2: How to make a silicone mold yourself

Silicone forms or prints a good tool when working with plastic, clay, plaster, wax. They greatly speed up the creative process. For sale is a lot of ready-made forms, but the range is quite limited. Besides using the purchase form, you will not be able to say that you have completed a thing completely original. To produce forms on their own.
Silicone molds have a very wide application
You will need
  • Two-component silicone material
  • Container
  • Sculptural clay
  • Grease (not silicone)
The first step for creating forms – creating a container. It is made from any material rigid enough. It can be wooden dosochki, chipboard, plexiglass, or a ready-made box or container. The container should be free of cracks. Easy and quick to glue the container can be a hot gun. The container size is determined by the size of the model, with which it will form.
Then take a sculptural clay. A normal baby will not fit, because it is very sticky and it will be difficult to remove from the model. Evenly arrange so that it occupied half of the container.
Take the model and gently lay into the clay. The edges of the clay to make holes, to later form does not shift. Now you need to determine how much silicone you will need. To do this, pour into a container of water or sprinkle granular material, and then pour it in a container of labels.
Lubricate the model is fat or soapy lube, so you separate it from the silicone. Mix the silicone components of the molding material strictly according to the manufacturer's instructions carefully, not to get bubbles, and fill the container, starting from the edges. When the top part of the formthat you filled, cured, carefully remove the clay from the container.
Now in the container you have filled in half the silicone model. Repeat the fill, pre-lubricated and model, and the cured part shape. Wait until the form completely harden, remove the container. Form raskinetsya carefully, she extracted the model. Silicone mold is ready.
Useful advice
Don't forget about "locks", otherwise when you connect the two forms of possible bias that would distort the author's idea

Advice 3: How to use silicone molds in a slow cooker

Virtually every modern model of slow cooker has a function of baking, so it can be easily made muffin, biscuit or Apple Charlotte. If you wish to obtain a product of unusual shape, you can use a special silicone mold.
How to use silicone molds in a slow cooker

Silicone molds are particularly resistant, they can withstand temperatures ranging from minus 40 to plus 220 degrees and perfectly suited to work with the slow cooker. If you are using them for the first time, it is recommended to wash the form in warm water with soap and water before you put in the dough once to grease the walls and sides of the container with butter. In a further form of grease is not required.

For vanilla cupcakes in a slow cooker , you need to take 200 g butter, 2 eggs, Cup granulated sugar, 2 Cup flour, 1 tbsp baking powder, vanilla, a little chocolate and powdered sugar for decoration. Oil mix with sugar and whisk the mass with a mixer. Add to the bowl with the eggs butter and whisk until smooth. Flour mixed with baking powder and vanilla and gently pour the mixture into a dish with butter and eggs in small portions, gently kneading the dough with a spoon. Now thoroughly knead everything together with your hands, the mixture should be thick and pliable. Divide the dough into small balls. Put the lumps of dough into silicone molds. Now put them in the slow cooker. Turn on the "Baking" and set cooking time is 60 minutes. The cupcakes are ready, remove from silicone molds and sprinkle with chocolate chips, mixed with powdered sugar.

Silicone mold can be used in a slow cooker for cooking for a couple. For example, they can make a delicious cottage cheese steam the cupcakes. For this dish you need to take 200 g of cottage cheese, 150 g flour, 100 g butter, 100 g sugar, 2 eggs, 1 teaspoon baking powder, strawberries and sour cream for the sauce. The butter and sugar mash in a dish with a mixer, add the butter, cheese and eggs. All whisk thoroughly. Mix the flour with the baking powder and gently add it to the rest of the products. The resulting dough with a spoon and place into molds, then put them on a steam pan. In the bowl multivarki pour water (approximately 500-600 ml). Activate the button "steaming" and set the time to 40 minutes. To prepare berry sauce, combine the strawberries and sour cream. Pour the finished cupcakes strawberry-sour cream mixture.

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