What to do with the reduction of the employer, described in detail in article 81 and 82 of the Labor Code. About the upcoming reduction you must notify employees not later than 2 months prior to the date of dismissal. In some cases, the period of waiting can be up to 3 months. Moreover, employees should notify in writing and under signature. In addition, you must submit information about the upcoming reduction in the employment services of the population and a representative body of employees (the Union), if it is up and running in your enterprise
In the case when the reason for downsizing is the abolition of posts or vacancies, create and approve the new staffing structure. These measures will make you legally competent to take the reduction, and to hedge in case the workers try to challenge it through the courts.
As for the employee to challenge the employer's decision you can for violation of the above regulations or in the case of non-payment due to the content in two months. If you do not find work during this period, your former company is obliged to pay you the salaries for the third month of enforced idleness.
Monetary payments and accompanying payment you are required to charge and give on the last day of work. In that case, if you have not already worked, the money, in accordance with article 140 TK the Russian Federation, you are obliged to pay fully the next day after contacting them. The total amount includes: salary for the last month of work, compensation for unused basic and additional leave, severance pay in the amount of average earnings. Average wage is reserved for you for a period not exceeding two months from the date of dismissal for a period of time while you are in search of work.
In the last working day in this enterprise you should also get your hands on a workbook which will be submitted to the record of the dismissal, and all the other all your documents related to the work. After payment please contact for further payments only to the territorial employment service.