Cottage cheese - cottage cheese with reduced fat content. 100 grams of the product from 0% to 9% body fat. Which is very important in keeping a healthy diet. However, this is not the only plus of this product. In its composition contains essential for body protein, which has beneficial amino acids - lysine, choline and methionine.

Cottage cheese is rich in such mineral substances as calcium and phosphorus. So it is very useful for children. This milk product is recommended for use by nutritionists. The only people who are contraindicated cottage cheese people with lactose intolerance.

Of course, to buy this product at any supermarket, but to be sure that it really contains no harmful additives, it is better to cook it yourself, the more that it will not be much difficulty.


  • 1 liter of milk;
  • 1.5 tbsp of calcium chloride;
  • low-fat cream;
  • salt.

Low-fat milk, heated to 40-50°C. Adding calcium chloride, which can be bought at any pharmacy. Constantly stir the milk, leaving the pan on mild fire. You will see how the milk's gone sour, and gradually formed the curd grains.

Then drop the pan with the future of the cream cheese in a bowl of cold water, continue to stir the contents. Once the curd has cooled, strain it through cheesecloth. Obtained cheese grain if desired salt and fill with low-fat cream.

The resulting cottage cheese can be eaten with fruit, jam, marmalades or added to salads. Can be eaten as a separate dish, crumble in the cheese a little fresh parsley.

Bon appetit!