You will need
    • Cheese
    • milk
    • fruit
    • berries
    • dried fruits
    • candied
    • nuts
    • caramel sauce
    • chocolate
    • eggs
    • sour cream
    • cream
    • sugar
    • honey
    • jam
    • salt
    • spices
    • greens
Buy cottage cheese. Many people think that a good curd mass can only be made from cottage cheese with a fat content above 5%, but it's not. Gone are the days when it was believed that the fatter the better. Now, many strive to maintain their health, and therefore fat cottage cheese is used not so often. Choosing this milk product in the store or on the market, pay attention to its appearance. The curd grains to prepare the curd mass is less preferred than the cheese, with viscous and as if "grease" consistency. If you buy at the market, ask to try. Do not take sour curd or showing signs of rancidity.
Decide sweet or salty curd mass want this time to prepare. For the first you can choose almost any dried fruit or candied fruit and jam, jam, jam, chocolate or honey. For the second approach spices, pryanoaromaticheskie herbs – parsley, dill, cilantro, Basil, vegetables. You can also prepare cheese mass with the addition of fruit or berries, but no added sweeteners. In this case, to call it sweet not dare, because she will be even a little sour. But it is a pleasant acidity, it is inherent in many dishes related to healthy eating.
Prepare the base: put the cream cheese in a bowl, add 50-70 ml milk and 2-3 egg yolks for every pound of cheese. Needless to say that the eggs should be as fresh as buying them is only from a reliable manufacturer. The eggs are definitely tastier, but they don't always have a health certificate guaranteeing that you will not infect them with some disease, e.g., salmonellosis. The resulting mass beat with a mixer at low speed.
Add your chosen ingredients. Just don't overdo it: connecting more than three tastes in one dish, very easy to make a mistake, and one taste will score all the rest. Usually, the curd mass is only a couple of additions. For sweet it can be raisins and pieces of Apple, chocolate and crushed hazelnuts or berries. This curd mass can be used for baking, or as a separate dish. Salt weight tasty to smear on the bread based on whole wheat bread. Such curds can be, for example, chopped parsley and garlic or ground sweet paprika and sweet purple onion.