You will need
  • keyboard.
The preparation of hearts from keyboard symbols and signs are similar in principle to the layout pattern on fabric for cross stitching. I.e. you first need to mentally map out the area that will fit the heart.
Characters to create a heart on the keyboard you can select a variety of: letters, numbers, punctuation marks. Empty space in these images is usually filled with straight lines, points, characters "dash" or space (press the spacebar). Using these signs to heart, you can show glare.
How to make heart on keyboard
Looks very original made on keyboard heart with a platter of characters, numerals or characters differing from the characters that form the basic shape. For example, good-looking heart, is composed with an asterisk (*), edged letter "M".
How to make heart on keyboard
In the middle is composed with the keyboard of the heart, you can put the word "love" or even the whole confession in the light and sincere feelings.
How to make heart on keyboard
Make heart on keyboard possible and not only with a set of two or three characters. In fact, it can be useful to a whole lot of numbers, letters and symbols.
How to make heart on keyboard