If the forum or chat room you are using has a function of sending smiles from the system resource, then paste them into a message is very simple: just click on a cute face, and she immediately appear in the body of your message.
If no smiles and they want to insert, then use the free resources from large database. Please refer to the website "Gallery of the best emoticons on the Internet, try the following link or access to a similar resource "33 the letters of the alphabet", address The smiles on these sites are distributed across thematic categories, and find them to be not difficult. If you chose a smiley face in the "Gallery of the best smiles in the network", click on it and copy the special code that appears at the top of the page. Paste this code into the post where you want to show, "smile." If you liked smiley from the site "33 the letters of the alphabet, click on it with the left mouse button. Before you open a new page where you will be given a choice of several references to the smiley face. Copy any of them and paste it in the body of your message on the site where you communicate.
If you are interested in not only smileys, but also waterstove signs, refer to all the familiar Microsoft Word. In the context menu of open Word file, click on "Insert". Clicking on it, select the column "Symbol". Here you can choose various punctuation marks, Greek letters and Arabic alphabets, letters with accents (politikami and includetime), fractional expression, arrows and stars, math symbols, etc. All these icons will help you create your graphic smiley. Select the desired latextacy signs and click on it with the left mouse button. It will automatically appear in the line of the Word document. Create smiley from the combination of such signs, copy it and paste it in your message.