You will need
  • - text editor Microsoft Office Word.
  • - symbol table.
A text editor is used only as a tool to output text in a new document, and the "symbol table" allows you to quickly and effortlessly add the desired symbol. Almost every operating system Windows has the tools with which you can add hidden characters without the use of tools such as "character".
To understand the principle of adding these symbols, it is enough to return to the first systems on the Windows platform. The variety of symbols, which now is on modern keyboards, if it was even available. Therefore, some of the characters introduced using the keyboard shortcuts. The basis key is Alt. For example, for a set of "notorious" earth sign "_" you need a combination consisting of the Alt button and numbers 95.
This way you can experiment, each time using new combinations. You should remember that arithmetic expressions have a range from 1 to 254. To type a heart, hold Alt and 3 ♥. How to add hidden characters depends on your operating system. It may happen that the system supports this tool but the shortcuts are affected.
Using "character map" you can do the same. To run this utility, you must open the menu "start", select "All programs." In the app list, scroll to the "Standard" and click on the same shortcut. In the opened window, select the font from which is copied the desired character.
Find the heart, click it, and copy the code or copy to clipboard. In a new text document, click the top menu "edit" and select "Paste". You can also enter the code using the Alt key.