You'll need rectangular sheet of paper measuring 20 by 10 cm square 9 by 9 cm and two square 3 3 cm Rectangle will place in front of him vertically and then fold up the bottom edge and top edge fold down so that the top crease was just above the center of the rectangle, and the bottom was slightly raised above the edge.
The resulting billet fold in half vertically, and then to the center fold fold left and upper right corners. Each of the corners, focusing on the inclined fold line vignete out, having a bend exactly in the center of the triangle, and flatten pockets on the left and right.
The upper half of the triangular pockets fold back. Side of the figure also bend back, picking up only the back layer of paper. The sides of the front upper part of the bend away from you, then fold the bottom corners of the rear part. So you made the torso of the future man.
For the head, take a large square and fold it along two diagonals. Then bend one of the corners to the center point of the square, after which the upper straight line, fold again to the center line of inflection.
A little retreat on both sides of the Central vertical line and bend over left and right side. Detail flip and fold yourself up on the bottom corner. Bend up the two small corner. Again, flip the workpiece you should get a head with hair.
To make paper bows for girls, use two small square. Fold the squares in half from himself, and then the lower right corner, lift and fold the rectangles diagonally. Detail bend obliquely. Repeat with the second part. Glue the bows to the hair, and the head attach to the torso. Draw a face on the doll, decorate her dress. Paper doll is ready.