Configure the DSL modem through the Internet browser, by interacting directly with IOS devices. To do this in the browser address bar, just type in the address of the modem, by default In the window that appears, you need to specify a username and password. The data indicated in the instructions supplied with the modem. Then go to the WAN tab and enter the VPI, VCI issued to the provider, click> next in the next window, also select the mode of work proposed by the ISP, at the end of adjustment, press> save and reboot. After a while the modem again to check the answer queries from command prompt, type ping If everything is correct receive time in milliseconds.
For the second type of connection in Windows have drivers installed for the modem. After making a connection, the settings specify the area code and the phone, which will be a dial-up connection on the server type tab, select PPP supported protocols: TCP/IP. All the data you can get from your provider.
Configuring 3G modems can happen automatically, via the software supplied. Or manually, you have to specify the access point (to be confirmed with the operator) and the room through which the connection is *99#. Configure individual settings for all types of individual , and specified in the contract with the provider.