You will need
  • Placement of advertisements about sale of the thesis.
How are you going to sell? Of course, you do not go into the street, where you scream like a desperate newspaperman or a seller of meat pies at the station. You can find more civilized methods of selling your product. You can call it that, the product intellectual property. The first option, the most common would be to sell in school, where you defended this work. Of course, this option is not the best because it has significant disadvantages:
- the price will be low;
your buyer to make this work before the same teachers, which will lead to a negative reputation for you and your buyer.
If you did not like it, place an ad to sell the thesis in the Internet and local Newspapers. Option is quite good, although it requires a small investment, when placing ads in the newspaper. When placing the thesis in the Internet, you have the ability to set a price for this work. But you will get the money only then, will your purchase.
Use the services of special agencies that perform the search necessary to the purchaser of the work. A great advantage of these agencies is a quick cash settlement, but, as a rule, the amount of money is small.