The first thing to do, putting the last point in his manuscript, was to find a good tutorial on screenwriting craft and study it carefully from the point of view of the requirements of modern cinema. The fact that any scenario is, first, a literary work, which must meet certain requirements, and secondly, it is, in fact, detailed instructions for the film and should fit into a standard uniform format. Correct and accurate execution of the script in accordance with all the requirements – although it is small, but still guarantee that it at least can be read by specialists.
Once your script is fully calibrated and processed with observance of all norms of registration, you can begin to promote it. It is important to know that if you are not a professional writer and you don't have personal connections in the film industry, your work most likely no one is interested. So first of all it should be communicated to the appropriate potential audience.
Very often writers are afraid to publish or show their work for fear that their ideas and even whole texts could be stolen. These fears are not groundless, and to protect yourself from trouble, you can advance to take a number of measures. The easiest way to secure copyright is to register it at the patent office, or notarize. However, this matter is rather troublesome and costly, and if the script first, it is likely he will require significant revision, or even writing a completely different work. It is much easier to publish your text on the website or one of the specialized sites for writers ( In this case, the publication date and a unique number of the user are a kind of evidence of copyright and, if necessary, can be used in court as evidence. When placing your creations on the site for writers at the same time you get the chance that your work will be read by professionals and anyone interested in. Also, do not hesitate to show their scripts to all the producers, Directors, scriptwriters and editors who, though they can be a bit interesting. Even if your scenario no one will like it enough to buy it, you can get very useful tips and advice from experts.
To offer your script for consideration is the maximum possible number of seats. For this query the search engines ' film studios of Russia or the country where you plan to publish. Then looking at the resulting sites, revision information, projects, Secretariat and so forth. Most of the major film studios are constantly in search of really good scripts, so there's always a chance to break. Before sending your work, find contact numbers editor or the scenario Department and specify the e-mail to which to send the text. Generally all submitted scripts and applications are reviewed within two weeks of the month. The manuscript will not be reviewed or returned. This means that if your text is not going to like any answer you get. It's not terrible. You can call yourself, first, immediately after sending the manuscript to ensure that it is received and considered, and secondly, about a month to learn the result. If your script is rejected, don't despair, try to contact all other known studios. Meanwhile, don't stop working on new stories. And then every subsequent your scenario is sure to be better than the last.