To make the face textile doll, mark the places to sew the eyes and sew buttons there, ready-made plastic eyes or beads.
Nose for textile doll can be glued or sewn finish, and you can also do applique or paint it with a thin marker. Mouth textile doll looks good in a neat curved seam.
Textile doll of nylon gives more scope for the imagination – with the help of thread and needle you can give it as a sculpture, any form of the head and every facial expression.
Special attention in the formation puppet face spend eyes – their color, shape, and expression depends very much. The doll is made of polymer plastic eye fixed in the head during its molding. Next, you have to add eyebrows and eyelashes, and then modify the doll.
A doll can be painted – for example, if it is textile. The dolls from polymer plastic too, from time to time to paint the eyes instead of make ready. For painting, use a matching acrylic paint.
Draw the basic outline of the eyes with a fine brush. Mark pointed corners of the eyes and smoothen the upper eyelid. Draw the outline of the pupil and draw the outer part of the eyelids. Fill in the pupils and do not forget about the light glare, which will give them realism.
On the inside of the upper eyelid and the corners of the eyes apply a silvery white paint. Adjust the volume and the depth of the eyes with black outlines. Then draw eyebrows and dry the paint. Matt paint will soften harsh lines.