Work on the creation of such a souvenir, start with making small, but beautiful and detailed model of the boat. For the manufacture of the boatand you will spend more time and effort than placing it in a bottle, so take the boatat maximum attention – cut out his body from the tree, weave the tackle and the rigging, saw the masts and the mast. Ready boat paint in suitable colors and paint.
The key point in the manufacture of the body of the boatand is according to size of the neck of selected bottles, as well as the specific installation of articulated masts. At the base of each mast will need to install a small hinge, by which the mast is placed parallel to the body and passes into the bottle with the ship.
As the simple hinge, use a regular thin spring. Choosing a hinge for the mast, sure that he was invisible on the ship's hull.
Try to paint it in the color of the mast or hide some decorative element on the housing. Crafting and refining the boat, attaching it to the sail, fold the mast and leave the long ends of the stays do not cut and not glued to the end.
The ends of the stays need to get outside the boatand below, when you place it in the bottle, they were on the outside of the neck. Strengthening inside the boat, pull the ends of the stays to raise the mast vertically.
Trim the excess pieces of thread and secure them on the neck with glue. To ship inside the bottle was firmly fixed, pre-stick to the bottle inside the wooden stand on which you then fix the housing of the boat.