You will need
  • Matches, toothpicks, wooden skewers, lime bar, glue, wood lacquer, epoxy, dyes.
To place a ship in a bottle, it is still necessary to build. The "trick" is that the size of the vessel Assembly must be comparable to the bandwidth of your chosen neck of the bottle, everything should just shout that the ship could not get in!
To achieve this effect, make a model of the ship. To do this, first separate the underwater part, surface, all masts and rigging, this should be made individually, accurately customized. The dimensions of the ship needed such that all parts put together in one tight "beam", creeping into the neck of a selected bottle. Then make the joints of masts shown in the drawing, after putting the mast rings kembrikom that after the connection of the masts with the hull you lower to hide the connection. It is advisable to paint the entire mobile node with a plastic tube in one color for camouflage.
If you chose a bottle of strong alcohol without the dye, it should not be cleaned from the outside, and so it is clean enough for your purpose. Plugged the cork in the bottle, put it in a container of boiling water to behind labels, excise stamps, etc. clear film easy to remove, if to Bang her corner with a knife. Glue residue rinse in very hot water with a cloth and detergent.
When the ship model is in the collection, do you create the "surging seas". For this purpose, the filler epoxy will squeeze out a few drops of paste out of the stem of a ballpoint pen green or blue, mix well, add the hardener, add a little alcohol to the mixture longer froze, dial in a disposable syringe, the maximum volume of the mixture, arrange them on the tip of the syringe a tube of suitable size to deliver the liquid inside the bottle. Squeeze the resin into the bottle, as it is freezing try to create waves by pushing the curved surface of the wire with a bead on the end, until the liquid waves start to retain its shape.
In the surface of the sea " press the underwater part of the hull of the ship, so that it will protrude above the surface of 0.5 to 1.5 mm When the resin hardens, the underwater part of the ship, place the folded top model. Waiting once the glue dries, try to pull the solidifying mass of epoxy resin on the side of the ship in the form of pressure waves.
Pulling the threads, raise the mast in their natural position. Lower end sleeves at joints to disguise the joints. On the wire with a bead on the end to give the hinges a drop of glue, which will lock the mast in an upright position. Wait until the glue dries, then plug bottle stopper and start making souvenir presentation: stand design tube lighting.