Calm and balanced man happy with you and life in General. For this you need only desire, and nothing more. The best time to massage is after a shower on a clean and relaxed body.
Put your man on the stomach and safely start. If you have never done it, don't worry, the man will appreciate your efforts and enthusiasm, and always tell you where and how to press or iron.
Any massage begins with stroking, then rubbing, then kneading, and if you see fit. strong hits. Be sure to alternate all these techniques with strokes. They massage always ends.
Massage the body should be starting with the neck, gently descending down the back.
Carefully pomassirovti the back to the waist, begin to massage the inner part of the arm, starting from shoulder and down and smooth longitudinal movements to the palm of your hand. After that, transfer the massaged arm forward and place it before the face of your men and continue the massage, stretching already the outer surface of the shoulder, elbow and back of hand. Then, repeat everything done in order, with the second hand.
Next, start to massage the pelvic area transverse movements, and is the buttocks and sacrum. Pay special attention to the sacrum, which is the seat of various clips, especially those who has a habit of sitting with her leg.
Then massaged the inner thighs and knee, first one leg, then the other. Calf and heel massaged the same way.
In order to comply with hygiene, massage of feet, toes and heels is done last.
How to massage <b>male</b>
After finishing the back massage, turn over your man and start breast massage. Just repeat all previously done on the back in the same sequence.
I would like to draw attention to the errors that often are made during a massage:
1. Too strong pressing during the massage that cause discomfort and even pain.
2. The sharpness of the movements and displacement of the skin when you just need to slide on the surface of the skin.
3. Non-compressed fingers splayed and do not give uniform pressure on the surface of the skin.
A good massage is a great way for the ghosts in a good location for your men and also have a further, more intimate sequel. Rested and refreshed man after such a massage will reward you gently and passionately.