A house for Barbie out of cardboard boxes

The toy can be made from many different materials, but the most available for the construction of cardboard boxes from under the Shoe. Their number depends on the number of rooms in the future house. In addition, you will need:
- coloured paper or remnants of Wallpaper;
- Scotch;
- scissors;
- paint.

Pick a box about the same size. For one-story houses will need 4 pieces. Cut 2 from each side and make them by connecting side walls. So get a house of four rooms: hallway, living room, bedroom and kitchen. Seal walls with glue "Moment" and fix them with tape. If you want a house for Barbie was high-rise, make another similar billet, put it on first and seal the design with tape.

Inside glue the sides of the boxes with Wallpaper or colored paper, it is desirable that rooms were decorated differently. A house for Barbie is ready, now it needs to furnish.

How to make furniture the hands

Sofa and chairs for living room made of pieces of foam. Cut out the rectangles, paint them in desired color. After they dry, glue the parts together. Blankets, cushions and even carpets, you can associate knitting or crocheting, use this remaining thread. The table can be made of a matchbox, to do this, take its interior and glue in each corner for the wooden toothpick.

Chest of drawers for bedrooms also are made of matchboxes. Take the 4 pieces and glue them together. So will the locker with drawers. Paste over it with colored paper. And to make the drawers easier to open, twist the knobs from pieces of wire and beads.

For making a comfortable and beautiful bed use a piece of cardboard. Cut several rectangles of the required size and glue them together. The same detail cut out of foam and lay it on cardboard, fit an all cloth.

From scraps cut a rectangle for the quilt, stitch the linen.

Kitchen cabinets are also made of matchboxes. Glue the inner part of the box on the wall – you will get a convenient open shelves. Dining table and chairs can be made out of Popsicle sticks, and the dishes vilaite from clay or polymer clay.

To make a house for Barbie cozy, fill it with pleasant things, for example, make a picture. The easiest thing to use for this purpose stickers, postcards and magazine clippings, artwork can draw and your child. From cardboard cut out a small frame, glue it to the picture and attach to the wall with glue "Moment". From clay vilaite vases and put them in bunches of dried flowers.