You will need
  • boxes, stationery knife, scissors, tape, glue, paper white, colored, self-adhesive, cardboard,
  • scraps of fabric, pictures from magazines, stickers.
Working on a doll house will show the diverse talents each member of your family, whether it be sewing, knitting, sculpting and making doll furniture. To start, it will be "live"? Assess your capabilities and decide what to do - puppet one room or building 2-3 floor?
If you decided to start with one room, you will need a box made of corrugated or plain cardboard. Minimum carton size is 30x20 cm . It may be an ordinary Shoe box. So dolls in this room lived is spacious, and the girls were comfortable to play, cut the box top (if you make a house out of Shoe boxes, you don't need to do this), and one or two adjacent walls (long and short). You'll have a room with a floor and two adjacent walls.
To get the apartment of a few rooms, make four such blanks. If we arrange these blanks horizontally (in the shape of a cross), you get one-storey house with four rooms without exterior walls. Glue the parts together with tape and glue on a common base with white glue. Thus, you get unobstructed access to each room, therefore, and will play easier and more fun.
Vertical multi-storey building to build a little more complicated. Ideally, it should be made of plywood like a Cabinet with shelves and lockable front doors on hinges. To do this design you can charge dad or older brother. But if this option is too complicated for you, use all those same boxes, and they can be different size, because the rooms can be small and big! Put boxes on top of each other so that the open doorways were one above the other. Then glue the touching faces, and seal the whole thing with tape. Make a triangular cardboard roof and place it on top. In the attic you can put a couple of toy kittens.
The walls of the glue remnants of Wallpaper or colored paper. On the walls hang paintings (it can be all kinds of stickers or calendars). On the Windows hang curtains sewn from colorful scraps. The interior rooms can be issued ready toy furniture, and you can make yourself from cardboard or plywood. From scraps of carpet make the Palace (if not, then you can associate a track with knitting needles or crochet). Doll bed cover linen, sewn from the same cloth.
During the game children will be able to add or remove anything. To come up with different situations, simulating life.