To connect two printers to one computer – is quite real. This is done just like connecting any other devices. Just install them should not simultaneously but in turn. To connect first the printer, follow these instructions:
• Plug the printer power and reconnect the cable (usually USB) from the printer to the system unit;
• Turn on the computer, insert into the drive a CD with the printer drivers and install them by running the file “setup.exe” or “install.exe”.
• Turn on the printer the power switch. The computer will detect the new device. Then install the drivers for it automatically. The first printer is installed.
Connect to computer and install drivers in the same sequence for the second printer. The ability to connect two printers to the computer and even more limited only by the number of available ports for connecting them. You will then be able to select which of the printers will be displayed in the documents to print. This can be done by assigning one of the installed printers default control Panel and configure Printers. You can also select the printer to print in each case in settings open program.
Also interesting is the ability to connect two printers to the computer when one of them is already installed and the other is a network and available to the public. Before installing a network printer, verify that your computer was also connected to the network. Go to the control Panel section "Printers" and begin the installation of the network printer. When prompted, enter the network address or specify the printer manually using browse Network neighborhood. Choose which of the installed printers to print the you can also of parameters of print settings of different programmes. The only problem printing to a network printer – the need to keep the computer to which it is directly connected, always on.