Advice 1: How to expand the chest

Improving your own body is an art known to people since ancient times and today many men are paying a lot of attention to your body, keeping yourself in shape and developing muscle groups. Most often beginners and experienced athletes are trying to develop the pectoral muscles that expand the thoracic cage. In order to expand the thoracic cage, you can perform available for each exercise to train your chest muscles and helps to build a harmonious figure.
How to expand the chest
In order to train the muscles that affect the width of the chest, complete mixing and dilution of the hands in front of chest with dumbbells and presses the bar from chest up from a prone position on a horizontal bench.
The bench press has a lot of advantages and opportunities – if you change the angle of the bench, performing it on the horizontal and on an inclined bench, you will be able to develop more muscle group and increase muscle mass.
In the process of bench breeding hands with dumbbells as much as possible, to give them the most weight.
To expand the volume of the rib cage allows motion in the prone position, raise your head hands with dumbbells and bring them on your chest and then return back, straightening the arms behind the head.
These exercises must be performed on the bench or on the floor, not on the machine, so all of the load went to the chest and not the back – in this case will expand the rib cage.
Choosing a dumbbell or barbell for bench press, make sure the weight suits you – otherwise you're at risk for injuries and sprains. On the last climb, in order to increase the effectiveness of the work, hold the dumbbells at the bottom.
Lift dumbbells exhale, when lowering the dumbbells down, make a powerful breath.
Another time-tested method of training the chest muscles classic push-UPS and swimming underwater with the breath.

Advice 2: How to develop the chest

Good developed chest - a calling card of all bodybuilders. Training development they pay a sufficiently large amount of time. Developed thorax allows its holder even without inflating the muscles of the hands or the press look strong. But to achieve such a result may not all. The reasons are many, but the main is that novice bodybuilders do not know the simplest exercises.

How to develop the chest
You will need
  • -rod;
  • -trainer for push-UPS.
One of the simplest and most effective exercises - push-UPS. It is necessary to perform fast enough. You can even make the task easier, including practice clapping the hands between each spin to stop. To perform this exercise is recommended 3 sets consisting of 6-8 reps. For greater efficiency, to repeat classes must be at least 2 times a week.
To strengthen the chest will help you and such sports equipment as a rod. Lie on your back. As the surface can use a special sport shop or even floor. Place your feet on the floor. They should be pressed against the surface of a full foot. The post take on a little more than shoulder width on the straightened hands. Inhale and slowly lower the shell on his chest, not touching her. Then, squeeze and exhale. By adjusting the hand position, you will be able to develop and upgrade the various muscle groups of the chest. Grab the barbell narrower - some of the muscles wider.
The following exercise performed in the sitting position. To do this, sit on a bench or a chair at an angle of 45 or 60 degrees. A shell keep on a little more than shoulder width. Inhale and lower the barbell to the level of the collarbone, then pressing it until the correct hands and exhale.
Vertical push-UPS will help you in building chest muscles. For this exercise you will need a special sports equipment for pushups. Lean on the handle with straight arms. The feet keep the canopy. Inhale and lower your body down, folding his arms. Then return to starting position with exhalation. Despite the apparent simplicity of this exercise, it is not recommended for beginners as it requires a good deal of preparedness.
Useful advice
All exercises should be repeated at least 10 times and do at least 3 approaches. The result will not keep itself waiting.
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