In order to train the muscles that affect the width of the chest, complete mixing and dilution of the hands in front of chest with dumbbells and presses the bar from chest up from a prone position on a horizontal bench.
The bench press has a lot of advantages and opportunities – if you change the angle of the bench, performing it on the horizontal and on an inclined bench, you will be able to develop more muscle group and increase muscle mass.
In the process of bench breeding hands with dumbbells as much as possible, to give them the most weight.
To expand the volume of the rib cage allows motion in the prone position, raise your head hands with dumbbells and bring them on your chest and then return back, straightening the arms behind the head.
These exercises must be performed on the bench or on the floor, not on the machine, so all of the load went to the chest and not the back – in this case will expand the rib cage.
Choosing a dumbbell or barbell for bench press, make sure the weight suits you – otherwise you're at risk for injuries and sprains. On the last climb, in order to increase the effectiveness of the work, hold the dumbbells at the bottom.
Lift dumbbells exhale, when lowering the dumbbells down, make a powerful breath.
Another time-tested method of training the chest muscles classic push-UPS and swimming underwater with the breath.