Before going to the store you need to carefully measure all of the indicators: height, neck circumference, waist and chest, shoulder width, and leg length. It is better that this operation was carried out by your assistant, then the figures will be more accurate. In addition, you need to consider your weight and complexion.
These indicators help to choose any item of clothing, for example, to select the dress shirts just enough volume neck and jeans, you will need two parameters – the waist size and leg length.
In order to determine the size ofω, it is necessary to use a special table, where will be detailed the consistency of the parameters and the size ofthe CQ. The main thing - to remember that the standard scheme are on the average height 170-180 cm
If your height exceeds these values, it is necessary to refer to other tables, for people of high growth. Most often, the standard notation M,L,XL, added letter designations T for the growth of 180-190 cm and XT for growth more than 190 cm
Similarly, to take into account the weight. If your performance is above average, you need to pay attention to the sizes from 2XL to 5XL, for the people tall and a decent weight created a separate sizetion grid from up to 2XLT 5XLT.
The most difficult to navigate when choosing pants. Today, use two metric systems – alphabetic and numeric, they are imposed usual Russian.So:
- size M evrovariant – 30-31, in Russian: 44-46 size;
- L – 32-33, in Russian: 48-50;
- XL – 34-36; 52, respectively.
A little easier with shirts and hoodies, the main criterion of selection – gate, however, manufacturers label and chest.S - 94 cm
M – 96.5 cm
L – 101 cm
XL – 106 cm
A wide range of patterns, allow you to choose any size , even for men with irregular shape. However, this will have to go to shops specializing in men's big size. In any case, accurate information on the sizeof e that you wear, will save a lot of time for buying things because you can simply call the shops and find out the models any sizes they offer.