You will need
    • meat (fillet) - 750g
    • onions - 500 g
    • vinegar
    • pepper
Cut the meat into large chunks, put in a saucepan layers. Putting the meat in a pan, each layer of pepper, and pour a small amount of 9% vinegar.
If you prefer a kebab with onion rings, slice the onion into rings and place it between the layers of meat. Add more vinegar.
Marinate the meat in vinegar overnight. The pan with the marinade better put it in the fridge. Too long to keep meat in vinegar do not, it will lose its softness and juiciness. If you have little time, it is enough to hold the meat in the marinade about three hours, but at room temperature.
You can marinate the onions in a separate bowl, with 9% vinegar. Vinegar can be diluted with water in a ratio of 50x50 or even a little more.
If you do not have time to marinate the onions, put the dishes with onions on the stove and bring to a temperature of 80 degrees. Onions prepared this way, they acquire the necessary taste for 5-10 minutes.