Advice 1: How to install driver for Skype

Skype is the recognized leader in VoIP telephony. Some users just for the sake of this app and buy a computer. And not surprising, because Skype allows free calls, chat, send and receive files. And most importantly, if you have a camera using Skype you can make and videosbook. Sometimes, however, for successful work in Skype your computer hardware needs to be configured and installed additional drivers.
How to install driver for Skype
You will need
  • computer equipped with a USB input;
  • - consistently working Internet connection.
Download and install the free package proprietary software Skype. Register at VoIP operator or through the form in the application. After receiving the username and password, enter it when you start the program.
To check the quality of work is pre-installed on the computer audio and video devices use a special contact from your address book to Skype . In earlier versions of this contact was seen as Echo1234, in recent releases of the name has not changed the Skype Test Call.
Connect external camera to a computer via USB input. Windows OS will determine which class of devices is a USB device and try to search his or her library suitable for drivers. Further user actions largely depend on the characteristics of the computer system and the manufacturer of the connected device. In latest Windows 7 the number of pre-installed drivers for external devices is enough to cover a significant number of well-known manufacturers in the world, including producing USB video camera for Skype. Therefore, all the nuances of the installation is likely to need those who have the computer is running Windows XP or Windows Vista.
If Skype gave a message about the impossibility of definition video camera, go to device Manager to see if there are any warnings about unrecognized USB devices. If there is message, disconnect the camera. The computer was unable to install the correct driver, so Skype cannot use the webcam. To remedy the situation, restart the computer, then insert the CD with the drivers for the camera. If there is no disc, go to the manufacturers website and download the latest drivers designed for your operating system.
Again connect the camera via USB, without starting Skype. Lead test device with the service application web camera. If this is not possible, try to activate the device via "My computer".
After setting up the camera, start Skype. Click on the tab "call" and in the opened context menu, open the video settings. In the new window locate the "Select camera", locate and activate the installed USB device. If the picture quality is not satisfied, then the chroma, brightness and sharpness can be adjusted in the tab "camera Settings".
Useful advice
If the drivers for Skype web Cam was installed correctly, the camera settings will not help. Will have to re-install them. In addition, even if the Windows OS itself found the necessary software for the proper functioning of the camera, makes sense in any case try to install the drivers from the device manufacturer, as they are usually updated more often and have additional settings.

Advice 2: How to install driver webcam

Install driver web camera is quite simple, just need to have the necessary software and the camera itself to the PC.
How to install driver webcam
You will need
  • A computer, a webcam, extra software.
The acquisition of the web-camera. Buying a video camera to your computer, you should pay attention to the certain factors. For example, you need to consider: the number of pixels, a microphone on the device, a set of necessary software to install the web-camera to the computer. If the first two factors do not play such an important role in connecting the device, the drivers are also available complete with web-Cam should be mandatory.
Install software for web-cameras. To install the necessary computer drivers, download software disk, which comes in addition to the main unit. After the disk is run without changing the set program parameters, install drivers on your PC. Remove the disc from the drive and restart the computer. When you start the system it will already include the ability to connect a web-camera.
Connect web-camera. Most modern web-cameras provide the connection to the computer via a USB 2.0 interface. Do the same videocamera can connect to a PC as with a wire or via Bluetooth. To activate the webcamera, simply insert the cord/USB receiver into any free USB port.
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