To open a massage parlour you do not need any licenses. Only in the case of providing any services other than therapeutic massage.
Pick the right room for the massage. It should be on the first floor, in a lively area of the city, to be equipped with a faucet with cold and hot water and Sewerage. How many square meters will be captured space – only you can decide. For one masseuses the required area from 10 to 15 square meters. Depending on how many masseuses will work in your office depends on its area.
By choosing the choice for massage, you need to consider what legal status will make you. For small business best suited legal form of a limited liability company. Its style is to trust the professionals or do it yourself. Prepare documents, go to the notary, register your business with the tax office and get a permit for the conduct of the business. Open to a registered society Bank account.
After the legal form of doing business prepared, take care of equipment and recruiting staff who will work for you. 30% of people who need a therapeutic massage is ready to go anywhere just spent a good massage specialist. Therefore, massage therapists need to find a good one. Advertise in all media about recruitment. Prosper your business will only be the case that professionals are good. In poor massage therapists will help even the most modern equipment and decoration.
About the massage parlor have to be a bathroom. Put in the office number of beds for the number of simultaneously working professionals. The location of each massage therapist must be equipped with a screen. Buy towels and massage oil. For everyday washing of towels and sheets put in the washing machine. For towels and bedsheets must be equipped with special Cabinet. Also should be a place for undressing and dressing clients.
To SES allow you to get started and was not further claims cover the walls and floor of the massage room washable materials. To handle their daily needs with special disinfectants.
Massage services can also be specified in a special massage chair.
Cost need reasonable. Regular customers to promote additional discounts and to issue a loyalty card.
Let's constantly advertising about the study in the media. When your office will gain mass popularity the is you can stop.