Business cards are made differently in accordance with their purpose. It is important to remember about the main thing: business business card is one of the components of the image of the company and its employees. She - sign brand,corporate style and taste of its representative.
Business cards are made of thick high quality paper or of paperboard: in this case, they will retain a decent look. Mandatory standard size business cards there, but in practice the optimal format - as credit cards (5cm x 9cm). This is considered to be "male". There are other formats:4x8; 3,5x7 (for women). For these cards suit and business card holders, and specific pocket wallets.
Classic business card on cardboard of white color with a matte surface with a black font. You can choose a colored, textured paper, more intricate graphics and font to place on the card a photo of the owner (the last is not the best style). The business card should not be pretentious, too bright (especially strict requirements to this attribute in diplomatic circles).
Business cards come in several types.1. Business standard for internal purposes.
It lists surname, name, patronymic of the person, place of work, position, office phone, Fax. The name of the governing officer of the company, as a rule, is printed in the center of the card, position - under the name (smaller font). Name, address of the company is placed in the lower left corner. Telephone number, Fax numbers, web address - in the lower right.
Business card employee name, middle name, last name most often printed in the lower left corner, in the center - the company, bottom right - phone number, Fax.
2. Executive business card.
It lacks the address and phone number. This card facilitates communication, but her presentation is not a direct "sign-an invitation to continue talking.
3. Business card of the firm (division).
It indicates the address, telephone, Fax, website link. Used for representational purposes. The more telephone numbers, the larger and more significant seems to be firm.
4. Business cards for personal use (for informal occasions).
They are written only the first name, middle name, last name. Sometimes referred to profession, honorary, academic rank, but not rank (often in unofficial situations, the person appropriately and just more comfortable not to emphasize their official status).
General requirements for the design of business cards is simple: a good layout (legacyselect), single style, high-quality printing.