You will need
  • - plan 1:500;
  • - communication plan;
  • technical conditions;
  • - the preliminary verdict of the SES;
  • project and plan;
  • resolution from public utilities;
  • - the final verdict SES;
  • - a contract for the installation;
  • - the act of putting the counter into operation;
  • - a contract for the supply and payment;
  • - passport;
  • - documents on the site.
Contact the Federal Office for the unified registration of land plots, cadastre and cartography. Write a statement on the results of the cadastral plan of the land plot at a scale of 1:500.
Next, contact the district utilities. Write an application for the grant of terms of the passage of engineering communications on your street.
Contact the district water utility. Imagine the resulting documents, a passport application for connection to vocoprowater, the title documents for the land plot. On the basis of submitted documents, you will draw up the specifications and give permission to connect to vocoprowater.
Contact the regional sanepidemstantsii. Write the statement in which specify the area of the connection. Present technical conditions, the passport, documents on the site. You will be given a detention. It will indicate the connection or not. But this is not a resolution because the document was issued is a preliminary decision of specialists to oversee the quality of drinking water.
Refer again to the district water utility, call the technical engineer on site. He will draft a plan that you reserve at the main sanitary doctor of the district. This will be the resolution, but only from the SES, but you still need permission from the head of the regional utilities, as no species of land without a final verdict of public utilities cannot proceed.
After receiving a permit, contact the district water utility, call the team of installers, will sign a contract with them and pay for the conducting of water from the main pipe to your home and separately on installation of system of water supply inside your home. If the house is not, you will have to do well and to install metering devices in it.
The metering devices may not install, but then you have to pay for water consumption at the average tariff, but it will cost much more.
If you have installed water meters, specialist of Department on work with consumers. You make the act of entering the metering device into operation.
Contact the utility and sign a contract for the supply and payment for water. This should be done anyway, regardless of whether you have installed metering devices or not.