The disease can be in close contact with the patient and the use of some personal care products. Note that this infection can take root as the child's skin and on the skin of the adult. However, children streptodermii most often expressed much worse. Sore spreads rapidly and causes painful wet ulcers.To treat streptodermii you efficient drugs. Hormonal ointments and antibiotics often allow you to remove a particularly painful effects. However, you can use the so-called improvised means. Here are some ways that will help to treat streptodermii. And some guidelines that will keep the development of the disease.

  1. If streptococcal don't moisten the affected areas. If streptoderma develops quickly, the bathroom and shower should be removed at the time of illness. Since these procedures may cause the spread of infection throughout the body.
  2. Streptoderma, the so-called wet disease, so the ulcers have dry. As a tool you can use alcohol solution, manganese solution and even solution of sage. These gadgets will help to dry the sore, it will crust over. The crust is in any case not to tear or damage. If you manage to dry up the localization of the infection, the wound just healed and the crust will fall off.
  3. If bubbles appeared, that in no event it is impossible to pierce. The liquid, which they are in contact with the skin and infects it. So the bubbles must be carefully dried up to their complete disappearance.
  4. If streptoderma is developing very actively and bubbles became very much, you need to treat it with compresses. Change compresses every hour, this will help to localize the disease.

When serious development of the disease should consult a doctor. Tend to prescribe intramuscular injections of antibiotics, vitamins and drugs to improve the microcirculation of blood and lymph. Usually to treat streptodermii quite difficult, because of its rapid spread. Therefore, it is better to start treatment from the very first symptom.