Pick up the cloth, they are where you will sew the cover. You can take for the front side one kind of fabric, and purl two. The fabric should not drag on, otherwise the work will not be too careful.
With a ruler, measure a book or notebook, which are going to make the cover. Vykroyte two parts of the same size. One for front and one for padding. To correctly calculate the size, use the following formulas:
The height of the rectangles equal to the height of books or notebooks + 2 cm for seam + 0.5 cm to fit. The length of the rectangles equal to twice the width of the books or notebooks + width of spine + width of two lapel + 0.7 cm on fit + 2 cm for the seam.
The rectangles connect with each other, right sides in and secure with pins on the short sides. Seam, trim and iron.
Now fold the rectangles wrong side together. Place a good smooth bends – they are seams. The width that you left when cutting on the fold, fold on the front side. Fasten with pins.
Remove the lining to the left so that it is located over the pins. Now all the details of staple pins and the auxiliary pins clean. The same procedure repeat with all the corners of the future cover.
Sew the cover along the long sides. On the bottom side leave holes to the cover you remove on the front side.
Trim allowances, cut corners diagonally. Stitch the short side. They holes do not need to leave.
Remove the cover on the front side and iron all the seams. Carefully, hand sew the hole you left for turning.
If necessary, decorate the cover any decorative items, such as applique, embroidery, patterns on fabric, etc. After the completion can insert into the cover of a book, Notepad or notebook. The work is finished!