You will need
  • -your passport
  • -birth certificate of the child
To ensure that your passport has made a record of the children contact the passportNY district table of your registration. It is necessary to bring the birth certificate of the child. On the basis of the birth certificate, your child will enter in your passport and will stamp and signature of the authorized person.
If the parents are registered in different districts, the child enter the place of registration of each of the parents.
The recording of minor children in the foreign passport of the parents is not a licence for export outside of the Russian Federation. Custom, missing children in the passportof the parents, violates the laws of the Russian Federation and international rules for the export of children. For children it is necessary to issue its own foreign passport.
The photo of the child in its personal foreign passport must be pasted, regardless of age. Only foreign passportof the child, it can be transported outside of the Russian Federation.