Advice 1: How to enter the child in the passport

Early marks of the presence of children in passports of parents did the Registrar simultaneously with the issuance of the baby's birth certificate. But in 2006 the rules changed and since then many have question about how to enter the child in the passport, where to apply and what documents to provide.
To make a mark on the child, it is necessary to contact FMS
Under existing legislation, to enter the child in the passport mom or dad can only the Federal migration service, the civil registry offices no longer have such a right. Therefore, in order to make a mark on the child, it is necessary to refer to the territorial bodies of the FMS (in other words, to the passport office at the place of residence).
In order to make a mark, you must provide the staff of the FMS, first, the passport, and secondly – the original birth certificate of the baby, which contains information about the parents. On the basis of these documents the data about the child will be included in your documents.
If earlier data on children into the passport by hand, but now they are imprinted there. In addition, the record shall be certified by signature and stamp of the territorial body of the FMS. So be prepared for the fact that for raising the level of passport you will be picked up for a week or two.
Useful advice
In principle, the entry in the passport of children are not binding and are made at the request of parents (especially in the birth certificate of the baby all the details about his parents is). At the same time, the stamps in my passport may be required, for example, when receiving a quota for treatment or when placing the child in an educational institution. So better not to delay with the paperwork and do all the formalities in advance.

Advice 2 : As entered in the passport of children

Previously, children in the passport of parents have entered when you register the birth at the registry office. With the amendment of item 5 of the regulations on passport, e citizen of the Russian Federation a mark on the children contribute to the authorized bodies of internal Affairs. The entry in passporte parents of children confirms the citizenship of the Russian Federation of children. In the Russian passport to make a child preferably, but not necessarily.
As entered in the passport of children
You will need
  • -your passport
  • -birth certificate of the child
To ensure that your passport has made a record of the children contact the passportNY district table of your registration. It is necessary to bring the birth certificate of the child. On the basis of the birth certificate, your child will enter in your passport and will stamp and signature of the authorized person.
If the parents are registered in different districts, the child enter the place of registration of each of the parents.
The recording of minor children in the foreign passport of the parents is not a licence for export outside of the Russian Federation. Custom, missing children in the passportof the parents, violates the laws of the Russian Federation and international rules for the export of children. For children it is necessary to issue its own foreign passport.
The photo of the child in its personal foreign passport must be pasted, regardless of age. Only foreign passportof the child, it can be transported outside of the Russian Federation.
Information about the child's mother shall be entered in the certificate record of birth based on the certificate from the hospital, information about the child's father - on the basis of the marriage certificate of the parents. Thus, to register the child's place of residence is the law only the following documents: application, passport of one of parents and birth certificate of the child. However, it often happens that the passport office requires a number of additional documents.
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