You will need
  • - passport;
  • - birth certificate of the child;
  • - a statement.
Until 2006 it could be done in bodies the registry office, but after the decree of the RF Government, the legislation had been some changes. Since then, the fit of the child in the passport of the father or mother are entitled to only employees of the Federal migration service. So to mark about the baby, contact the territorial FMS (that is, to the passport office in your place of residence).
Both parents must write a statement to make in the passport information about the child. Also must provide own passport and certificate of birth. By the way, if father and mother are written in different places, and to the migration service of each will be in the place of its registration.
After the innovation has changed the terms of entering the data: previously all information was entered by hand, now it is imprinted. Bear the record is certified by the officer, he puts a stamp and signature. Please note that stamped and witness the birth of the child. To make the necessary information of the passport you can pick up in a week or two.