If you have already been assigned a specific interview date, but you have a good reason why you will not be able to visit, try to reschedule. Colds and the flu with all its attendant symptoms (runny nose, cough and a very sleepy face) are unlikely to facilitate the approval of your candidacy. In addition, you may give the interviewer. Serious illness of a member of your family, failure of communication systems in the apartment and other circumstances – quite powerful arguments for the transfer time of the interview.
The best way of notifying the employer about changing the date of a meeting – a phone call or sending e-mails. Try to inform the leadership of the organization that has invited you to the meeting as early as possible. So you show that you value not only their own but other people's time.
In the message give your name and the name of the person who invited you to the interview, then name the reason why you will not be able to attend. End the message or conversation an estimated date for a new meeting, asking at the same time, what time will be convenient for the employer. If the competition for the post is large, the management of the company has the full right to refuse to transfer the date of the interview.
If, having gone to a meeting, you feel that you will be late (stuck in traffic, car broke down, etc.), inform about the delay and its reasons by telephone as early as possible. The employer thus has the right to propose you to reschedule an appointment because your being late can disrupt his work schedule.
With a slight delay without calling quietly apologize and admit his own wrong. Stay dignified and observe the reaction of potential superiors. Head, and showed the rudeness and irritation to the applicant, will surely also behave with subordinates.