You will need
  • written or oral notice.
Business meetings is the solution to all issues, challenges, and build new plans for the successful business and further mutually beneficial cooperation. A joint communication plan in advance, all partners warn in written or oral form.
Any event must be not only planned but also carefully prepared. If some reason prevented you to hold a meeting in a timely manner or you do not have time to complete, inform all partners about the transfer of the joint communication in written or oral form.
If someone of the partners is another region in order to timely arrive for the event, needs a long time to be in the way, a warning about transferring business negotiation send in advance, so your partner has time to cancel the departure, to hand over the tickets.
Likewise obliged to do your partners. If they are unable to attend an official meeting and has already received written or oral communication, etiquette obliges them to inform of your absence in written or oral form.
In addition to notification of the cancellation of the event, report the reason, date and time of the next meeting. Bring a sincere apology, cancellation or inability to conduct formal communication in a timely manner.
Prepare for a new meeting more thoroughly. Eliminate all reasons that could prevent you to re-negotiate. Rescheduled event once can be caused by a confluence of unforeseen circumstances or other compelling reasons. If the business partner systematically takes appointments and does not fulfill contractual obligations and mutually beneficial cooperation, which plays an important role in business communication, partners are entitled to wonder about the seriousness of the relationship and a possible break.